Welcome to my turf

1. Last Tuesday marked the “back to school” event at Malcolm. There were a whole bunch of new and eager faces in the building. I just laughed at the fact that I once used to look like them. But the workload is still manageable, but who knows what will happen next week! It’s gonna be hell all over again!

2. Certainly, there’s no air of mystery over me. And I’ve changed. That’s what I’ve told my friend that I’ve become more amiable and accommodating. But still it didn’t work. Boo!

3. I’m back to reading again. And my pace is a little slower. It takes time to get used to it; hopefully it’ll be back soon.

And P.S. to you: I don’t want to know anymore. It’ll only break my heart. 😦

Lalala. My mind is going crazy right now.


Ok pasukan na naman. Next tuesday, summer will be officially over. No more happy, sunny days, when i would just wake up and be happy about the things to come…but only gloomy, dark and sleepless nights meant for studying and reading pages and pages.

Let’s just hope that something interesting would happen every single day.

Things to do before law school hell breaks loose

  1. Watch Shrek Forever After and SATC2.
  2. Swim again.
  3. Try out Golden Spoon.
  4. Review A civil law subject.
  5. Drink margarita. (I can’t drink alcohol but what the heck)
  6. Drive the car.
  7. Ride a bicycle.
  8. Eat a slice of cake. (Banoffee pie @ R.O.C)
  9. Clean my room.
  10. Meet and eat with friends.

Random thoughts

1. I left my PC on for about 2 hours now as I was downloading Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episodes 1 and 2. But the downloading was unsuccessful. WI-FI connection has limited connectivity. It was such a waste of electricity.

2. I dread the idea of going back to school. I’m checking the schedules and it reminds of law school hell.

3. I want to go back to the beach. Any beach that is not dirty and has clear waters.

4. Have you ever tried food tripping online? Really a gastronomical feast for the eyes. But the stomach is suffering–telling you that it should have been the reality. That I should be actually eating 😐

5. I kinda fixed my stuff but not really. Just found a couple–no, not a couple–a lot of letters. Palanca/reco/retreat letters. Took my time off the PC and the TV!

6. Bored as hell. Like o-my-gosh.

P.S. For my muse: Do you still have the small paper I gave you?

If there was one thing I’d like to be other than a lawyer, I’d like to be a full time ballerina–or at least until I become bored, tired and old to do it. When I was growing up, I thought that it was just a hobby because academics were always my priority. But every time I see people dance (either live or in Youtube), I feel a little envious and wish that I was also performing out there. However, ballet is such an expensive sport and it requires dedication and 100% focus and attention. With the little time I have for myself, I can’t afford to lose some of it to dancing. And if we can’t give our 100%, it feels like we’re robbing the audience of their precious time.

My primary motivation for dancing ballet when I was a kid was to have a tiara. I never stopped until I got one–and when I finally had one, I still continued dancing. And then when I was old enough (and hopefully graceful and pretty dancer haha), I was given roles and they really thrilled me. It made me do things I wouldn’t normally do. Like 32 counts of fouettes!

Black Swan (Odile) in Swan Lake was my dream role. I said to myself that if I get to do it, I’d be happily retiring my dancing feet. But after actually performing it three years ago, I realized I was yearning for more dance pieces. For tougher, stronger ones. I think I was ready to “transcend” to another level!

But sad thing is, I can’t. Because of law school.

I guess it’s the price I have to pay for wanting to be a lawyer more than a dancer.

I think I left my heart in Boracay.

All pictures were taken by me.


Before our vacation started, I planned doing at least three things:

  1. Intern or volunteer for the elections
  2. Reread Persons and Criminal Law 1
  3. Go to the beach

I never got to do numbers 1 and 2. But at least there’s still time for 2; as for number 1, I’m kapoy or tamad to help out. Maybe it’s just in my nature. Never much of a volunteer person, only when there are really good causes or if all my friends are helping out. But number 3 has been planned months ago so in a week’s time it would be accomplished.

I’ve been spending so much QT with my dog these past few weeks. He’s such a patient listener and so malambing. Probably he understood that we, humans, are so cranky and whiny that they, dogs, should exert extra effort in listening to all our crap. But it’s relaxing to rant to a dog who would never bark at you or reprimand you for thinking of or doing such weird things.

And then after a long talk or chat with the dog, everything ends well. It’s all good.