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Friend zone -_-


Ok pasukan na naman. Next tuesday, summer will be officially over. No more happy, sunny days, when i would just wake up and be happy about the things to come…but only gloomy, dark and sleepless nights meant for studying and reading pages and pages.

Let’s just hope that something interesting would happen every single day.

Yes. I remember a friend telling me that during our oblicon orals. She told me our professor said that while her classmate was doing her orals. When you look puzzled and whatever.

So that is the name of the game.

At least it’s a progress. Not so much of a big step. But it’s risky. I might once AGAIN lose it in the process. What the heck. I have only one life to live and I don’t want to regret anything.

Like what Soderling is pretty much doing at this moment. Go Soderling. Beat the crap out of Nadal.


Small talks.

Well we all try to get to the point. But we just don’t seem to get there. As Ted would say, we have to weigh the temperature. We can’t simply dive in.

Sometimes small talks work.

But other times, it doesn’t.

The small talk becomes too long and lacks focus. Now it’s even harder to say what we had in mind at first.

Anyway, does anyone have a copy of “He’s just not that into you”?

Dahil malapit na ang summer sa pilipinas.

It’s clean, very neat and loads quickly! Thanks WordPress 🙂


I’m going to delete my tennis players post, primarily because the traffic I’m getting is pretty annoying 🙂

But it served its purpose, my total hits is around 18,000, which will allow my page to probably be on top in Google Searches.

I’ll just find other ways to increase my ‘audience’. 🙂