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Today was rather odd.

It’s like watching a movie when you already know what’s going to happen at the end;

Or like buying a bagful of candy only to be stolen from you;

Or expecting the worst when what in reality happened was just a little less than what you thought was worst which makes everything more complicated because you aren’t really prepared for something in between;

Or something like being too hopeful then suddenly reality bites you really hard that it leaves a big fat red mark.

Well, in essence, something was not right today. I refuse to believe it but I just have to.

It’s just like keeping a pair of really skinny jeans just in case you get thinner in the future.

But you know that some dreams are possible only when you’re asleep.

Because you know that fairy tales don’t come true and that romcom movies are just made to rake in profits.

Much of it you want to blame the system for making you feel like that. But that you can’t do because you can’t snap in the middle of writing a paper that’s due tomorrow.

When you try to blabber so much and be so verbose about stuff that can be explained in just one line

That he’s just not that into you…

Unlike you who’s into him.

But hopefully not in too deep (!!!)

And what I’m trying to say is that. Well. That feeling sucks.



Where the hell did I hear this line?

Ah. I remember.

I love puppies though. Because they’re too cute to be ignored. They’re adorable little creatures who are just as curious as little boys and girls of the world. They have big round eyes, small button noses and high-pitched barks. They melt your heart everytime you see them. BUT, when they grow up, they turn into wild beasts and scare the hell out of you. I don’t like them anymore when they turn into adult dogs, who bark, pee and excrete like there’s no tomorrow.

Pic from: http://www.diypuppytraining.com/puppy.jpg

Oh, why such a divergent post?

I dunno. Maybe I’m like a lovesick little puppy. Or like a little puppy. Or like lovesick.


But fo sho, I’m really tired and bored at the same time. Must be the finals week taking over me.

I have a valid argument as to why I indulge myself into these ‘things’. It’s February. And it’s valid, I say, although not logical. It seems as if logic momentarily escapes me when the so-called matters of somebody else’s heart and experience we come to talk about. No, not mine. Primarily because I have no story to tell. The most I could be is a passive third person observer. Oh, maybe I could be at the very least sympathetic to my peers’ sudden rise in hormonal and endorphin levels.

In a nutshell, okay, I’m being emo. Just for tonight.

Because I came across this wonderful comic strip.

Tuwing pumupunta ako dito
Naalala ko lahat
Parang kahapon lang

Parang ang tagal na naming magkakilala
Yung mga gusto ko, gusto rin niya
Tapos biglang…

At kahit hindi rin kami naging sa huli
Siya pa rin ang first love ko


Found this in my friend’s multiply:

As I was prying into other people’s (love)lives, my friend asked me “how about you?” And I thought about it really, really hard.

(From friendster)I’m not that picky, but it seems that drought is going to kill me. Or it will be apparent until I die. Hopefully it ends when I reach the age of 25. I want to have a family for heaven’s sake! But something about me is really unattractive, or so I think.

Does it have something to do with keeping your eyes open for someone to come along your way? Or by not waiting and wanting because it just falls on your lap without your knowledge? This is all B.S. This is too fantastic, too romantic.

Reality’s laughing at me now, really.


I can’t seem to get out my frustrations.


Just a repost from Yahoo. Which is funny :p

What His Breakup Lines Really Mean
Posted Mon, Mar 03, 2008, 4:50 pm PST

Every relationship goes through some bad times. Like the time you caught him flirting when he thought you weren’t watching, or the time the ex called and left a sultry message on the machine, or the time when the two of you fought like angry reptiles when one of you decided it was okay to spend the bonus money on the latest turbo tool. Certainly, though, the most awkward and uncomfortable time in a relationship comes at the very end of it – the time when the two of you (or at least one of you) decides it’s time to divide the iTunes account and move on.

No break-up is easy, and many guys resort to some old standards when it comes to conversational gambits in the final moments. This will help you decode what his cutting lines truly mean.

“It’s not you; it’s me.”
Translation: “It’s not me; it’s you.”

One-third of men admit that they’re lying when they blame themselves for the demise of the relationship. Of course, they’re trying to soften the blow a bit – to ensure that you know you’re a great person, a caring person, a person who’s perfectly right… for someone else. After all, if you were the right one (for him), it wouldn’t matter whether his mind was somewhere in Iceland; he’d find a way to make it work.

“I’m not ready for a relationship right now.”
Translation: “Whoa baby, slow down!”

Most guys – though they can come off as more desperate than a brewhound in a dry county – take their time testing the relationship waters. If a woman comes on too fast – with talk of futures, or of how she’s never felt this way before – then the man often will be likely to retreat. Fast. It’s not that he’s not ready for a relationship; it’s just that he’s not ready to decide whether “Mony Mony” should be in the second or third set of the reception playlist.

“Can I call you sometime?”
Translation: “If you’re ever lonely at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night….”

Well, he may or may not be that crass, but he is trying to keep the door cracked. If he’s the one who’s doing the ditching, then he’s (unfairly, mind you) trying to lead you to believe that a break will strengthen the possibilities of some kind of rekindled romance in the future. If he’s the victim, then he’s trying to hang onto any slim chance he may have in the future with you (or possibly one of your friends). Either way, check out this story and beware the drunk-dialing ex; professors have actually studied this and concluded it’s not without its pitfalls.

“I still care about you.”
Translation: “Please don’t tell your friends I’m a jerk.”

Truth is, he probably does care about you. Still cares that you do well, that you find someone, that you get what you want in life. But what he’s also saying is, please don’t tell all your friends to cross me off their lists. The relationship may be broken, but it’s a pretty big concern that his reputation remains intact.