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1. Last first semester!! But I still get the first day jitters. Akalain mo yun, I got sick during the long weekend.

2. Just lost my voice due to pharyngitis. Ganon pala feeling if you can’t talk? Really tough times. I was using hand movements all the time. Buti na lang my brother gets them or else i have to write down everything I wanted to say.

3. I feel like I’m floating. But I don’t know until when this feeling will last.

4. Um Green Hornet was a really dragging and cheesy film. It felt like a drama movie with some action parts in it. Am I correct to say that the film implies that fear and will are opposites? Maybe that’s not the point, but in any case, the contrast is far too simplistic. The lack of will is not really fear but rather just being lazy.

5. Crazy crazy crazy little thing called love.


For the past week, I’ve been on a soft diet (meaning goodbye red meat, deep fried goodness, junk food and almost everything that is not liquid-y or water-y or as soft as fish) so I’ve decided to come up with my Food Wish List just because I have to really think about the food I may eat in order to plan my Christmas diet.

(pictures are not mine and are cited below)

1. Flaming Wings Buffalo Wings and Chicken Tenders

2. Cupcakes by Sonja

3. CYMA’s Saganaki

4. Yellowcab Manhattan Meatlovers

5. The irresistible lechon

6. Cello’s doughnuts and dips

7. Baby Back Ribs

8. Lapid’s Chicharon

9. Serenitea – people seem to rave about this drink

10. Sausage McMuffin + Hash brown + Hot choco (or orange juice)


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I think I left my heart in Boracay.

All pictures were taken by me.


My last blog post was June 15, 2009. That was about a year ago. I guess I was too busy with everything else and forgot about this blog. But since today I find myself staring too much at my Facebook profile (and stalking everybody else), I think it is time to recount my thoughts and put them into writing.

Second year was really tough. And by “really”, I mean bringing out the hell in me. But I kinda enjoyed first semester. It was a breeze compared to the second one. Probably because I didn’t dread going to school as much as I did during the last days of my second year life. But the real reason is that I’ve been sick during the last few months. I’ve never visited a doctor so often in my life. I’ve undergone two medical procedures within a span of one month. And the pain is terrible, that I don’t want to elaborate on. The results are pretty obvious–I’ve lost much weight since 2010 began and I do hope I won’t be shedding pounds anymore.

But moving on to happier things, I’ve discovered bliss in everyday dull moments. Especially if I’m around my dog (RR) who makes everything colorful and wonderful. He’s too bubbly and naughty which is definitely contagious. He jumps as high as he could everytime he sees me and races for the door whenever I’m about to enter. And I can make a conclusion that our dog probably is a little kid trapped in a miniature body.

I guess that’s just about it. I have a lot of things to write about, so this blog might be quite active this summer.


I remember about a year ago, on our orientation day, we already had to prepare for our mock recitation. I spent two or three days reading two short cases, memorizing every detail. I walked around the house, trying to tell everyone how the story went on. But on the day of our mock recit, it felt as if I didn’t know a thing. When you’re sitting in front of the professor who made you feel insignificant, you’d just wish the earth would just swallow you alive. But I was lucky because I wasn’t called. As the weeks progressed, my inferiority complex just sucked the better of me and almost made me quit.

I was contemplating on quitting after a week in law school. I even had a long, tearful talk with my mom and dad. It was so painful, I couldn’t stop crying when we went to Church to hear mass. I didn’t know what I was doing in law school–heck I could be earning money with my college degree or dancing in a professional ballet company–but not this. I thought that maybe I was in a haste when I decided I want to be a lawyer.

I was told to hold on for one more week; we were even computing how much money I could refund from my tuition fees. Then the weeks became months. What we initially planned, and agreed upon was to take an LOA after first semester, then reflect hard and seek other options. But I guess as the weeks went by, the hardships became more bearable; until I became so used to it that I look forward to reading cases, to waking up early only to be shouted when we get to school, to preparing for recitations and skipping lunches just to have a decent grade.

My first year has been one heck of a roller coaster ride and I’m enjoying the thrill. It’s exhilirating–with all the UPs and DOWNs, I don’t think I’d ever be needing songs (or drugs) to psyche me up. My family and friends helped me have fun during the trip, and I’m forever grateful to them. And of course, to HIM.

So long summer.

Second year, here I come.

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is just one of the most wonderful songs being played today in the radio. The real version sounds too techie (meaning too synthesized and computerized–> artificial) but I like like the acoustic/piano version sung by Lady Gaga. There’s a lot of passion and texture in her voice. But anyway.

Poker face…Maybe I’ve been one for the longest time. It’s hard to be too emotional. It’s much easier to hide them, buried deep down inside. Only to be discovered 10 years later, when everything’s over. Or so we thought.

Oh I forgot to mention, I’ve been dying to see you.

Lol. I mean, 10 freaking years after, and that’s the only time I feel it again.


Update update: Got sunburns after my Iba, Zambales trip. I love the beach and the waves!


I hope to post a longer and a more grammatically correct blog entry next time.

1. I’m forever clueless on how much the padyak really costs. Sometimes its 8, other days its 10, but today it was 15. But I know that it’s overpriced–I just pity the man who  swindled me for 5 pesos. I’m hoping he’ll put my 5 pesos into good use. But I’m also kinda hoping his wheels get stuck or that he fall off his bike. Or that he get a customer who’s so fat and heavy and paddle him/her along an uphill street.

2. Because I think I’ve let my brain disintegrate for the past 4 days, I walked  in 3-inched stilleto heels under the scorching heat of the sun. So by the end of my brother’s graduation, I had 6 freakinnnn blisters!! Ballet and pointes are so so much better!

3. I vow not to eat shawarma within the year (and to drink coffee as well). I had chicken gyro for lunch and it was so huge, I couldn’t finish it.  The pita bread was oozing with mayonnaise-thingie — I couldn’t stand it. And about the coffee, I had to spend one whole day (not really, about 7 hours) at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to study for Oblicon. I forgot about ordering decaffeinated coffee and I drank more than what I should. So no more coffee.

4. Congratulations to all graduates!! Clap clap clap.

5. My dog, a minpin, is so energetic (hyperactive actually) that he gets crazy over roaches. He barks at the middle of the night, thinking probably that it was still daytime, wanted to be let out of his cage in order to catch and kill roaches. And a while ago, he saw a cat, 1.5 times his size, seated under the car. He barked madly, like there was no tomorrow, and even had a head on collision with the big cat. Nothing’s wrong with that, but he really thinks that he’s a heavyweight ready to fight with anybody who’s obviously bigger than him.

6. There are A LOT OF MOVIES to watch next week!!! Looking for movie buddies… any applicants?? LOL.

That’s it pansit. I hope the weather becomes sunny and summer-y. Ciao!