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How do I say this?

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Today was rather odd.

It’s like watching a movie when you already know what’s going to happen at the end;

Or like buying a bagful of candy only to be stolen from you;

Or expecting the worst when what in reality happened was just a little less than what you thought was worst which makes everything more complicated because you aren’t really prepared for something in between;

Or something like being too hopeful then suddenly reality bites you really hard that it leaves a big fat red mark.

Well, in essence, something was not right today. I refuse to believe it but I just have to.

It’s just like keeping a pair of really skinny jeans just in case you get thinner in the future.

But you know that some dreams are possible only when you’re asleep.

Because you know that fairy tales don’t come true and that romcom movies are just made to rake in profits.

Much of it you want to blame the system for making you feel like that. But that you can’t do because you can’t snap in the middle of writing a paper that’s due tomorrow.

When you try to blabber so much and be so verbose about stuff that can be explained in just one line

That he’s just not that into you…

Unlike you who’s into him.

But hopefully not in too deep (!!!)

And what I’m trying to say is that. Well. That feeling sucks.



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