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Rainy days are here again

Posted on: June 21, 2011

1. Last first semester!! But I still get the first day jitters. Akalain mo yun, I got sick during the long weekend.

2. Just lost my voice due to pharyngitis. Ganon pala feeling if you can’t talk? Really tough times. I was using hand movements all the time. Buti na lang my brother gets them or else i have to write down everything I wanted to say.

3. I feel like I’m floating. But I don’t know until when this feeling will last.

4. Um Green Hornet was a really dragging and cheesy film. It felt like a drama movie with some action parts in it. Am I correct to say that the film implies that fear and will are opposites? Maybe that’s not the point, but in any case, the contrast is far too simplistic. The lack of will is not really fear but rather just being lazy.

5. Crazy crazy crazy little thing called love.


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