Welcome to my turf

Back to school

Posted on: June 10, 2010

1. Last Tuesday marked the “back to school” event at Malcolm. There were a whole bunch of new and eager faces in the building. I just laughed at the fact that I once used to look like them. But the workload is still manageable, but who knows what will happen next week! It’s gonna be hell all over again!

2. Certainly, there’s no air of mystery over me. And I’ve changed. That’s what I’ve told my friend that I’ve become more amiable and accommodating. But still it didn’t work. Boo!

3. I’m back to reading again. And my pace is a little slower. It takes time to get used to it; hopefully it’ll be back soon.

And P.S. to you: I don’t want to know anymore. It’ll only break my heart. 😦

Lalala. My mind is going crazy right now.


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