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Summer Goals

Posted on: May 7, 2010

Before our vacation started, I planned doing at least three things:

  1. Intern or volunteer for the elections
  2. Reread Persons and Criminal Law 1
  3. Go to the beach

I never got to do numbers 1 and 2. But at least there’s still time for 2; as for number 1, I’m kapoy or tamad to help out. Maybe it’s just in my nature. Never much of a volunteer person, only when there are really good causes or if all my friends are helping out. But number 3 has been planned months ago so in a week’s time it would be accomplished.

I’ve been spending so much QT with my dog these past few weeks. He’s such a patient listener and so malambing. Probably he understood that we, humans, are so cranky and whiny that they, dogs, should exert extra effort in listening to all our crap. But it’s relaxing to rant to a dog who would never bark at you or reprimand you for thinking of or doing such weird things.

And then after a long talk or chat with the dog, everything ends well. It’s all good.


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