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Halo-halo festival

Posted on: May 6, 2010

1. What’s up with that Willie guy? He’s so arrogant and feels like the world around him will crumble if he leaves the show. Come on, the network has been existing for more than 50 years and it was only within the last decade that he’s made his infamous appearance. For someone to say that on national television..probably his parents really never taught him how to be humble.

2. Just came back from Davao yesterday and it was indeed fun! Although I have only explored roughly about 1% of the city’s wonders, Davao has a special place in my heart. I particularly enjoyed riding the Zipline and taking a Day Tour at Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island. The people there are very hospitable and have great big smiles 🙂

3. From a movie I watched twice in two weeks time: the narrator said that probably happy endings do not necessarily mean being together but it could also mean moving on. Something definitely to think about.

4. A simple “yes” or “no” sometimes do mean a lot. I don’t think there’s a need to use metaphors or lame excuses to hide what we truly mean. I prefer a straightforward answer no matter how hard it slaps us on the face. Vagueness and ambiguity only emphasize insensitivity and ignorance.

5. From the same movie I’ve watched two times: one of the characters said that it’s so much easier during the olden times when computers, emails and text messaging weren’t so popular. She says waiting for the answer gets so mixed up because you don’t know where the answer will appear (voicemail, email, text message). And the funny line she said was that it was so hard to be rejected by 7 different technologies!


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