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Second year, here I come

Posted on: June 15, 2009

I remember about a year ago, on our orientation day, we already had to prepare for our mock recitation. I spent two or three days reading two short cases, memorizing every detail. I walked around the house, trying to tell everyone how the story went on. But on the day of our mock recit, it felt as if I didn’t know a thing. When you’re sitting in front of the professor who made you feel insignificant, you’d just wish the earth would just swallow you alive. But I was lucky because I wasn’t called. As the weeks progressed, my inferiority complex just sucked the better of me and almost made me quit.

I was contemplating on quitting after a week in law school. I even had a long, tearful talk with my mom and dad. It was so painful, I couldn’t stop crying when we went to Church to hear mass. I didn’t know what I was doing in law school–heck I could be earning money with my college degree or dancing in a professional ballet company–but not this. I thought that maybe I was in a haste when I decided I want to be a lawyer.

I was told to hold on for one more week; we were even computing how much money I could refund from my tuition fees. Then the weeks became months. What we initially planned, and agreed upon was to take an LOA after first semester, then reflect hard and seek other options. But I guess as the weeks went by, the hardships became more bearable; until I became so used to it that I look forward to reading cases, to waking up early only to be shouted when we get to school, to preparing for recitations and skipping lunches just to have a decent grade.

My first year has been one heck of a roller coaster ride and I’m enjoying the thrill. It’s exhilirating–with all the UPs and DOWNs, I don’t think I’d ever be needing songs (or drugs) to psyche me up. My family and friends helped me have fun during the trip, and I’m forever grateful to them. And of course, to HIM.

So long summer.

Second year, here I come.


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