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Pppoker Face

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is just one of the most wonderful songs being played today in the radio. The real version sounds too techie (meaning too synthesized and computerized–> artificial) but I like like the acoustic/piano version sung by Lady Gaga. There’s a lot of passion and texture in her voice. But anyway.

Poker face…Maybe I’ve been one for the longest time. It’s hard to be too emotional. It’s much easier to hide them, buried deep down inside. Only to be discovered 10 years later, when everything’s over. Or so we thought.

Oh I forgot to mention, I’ve been dying to see you.

Lol. I mean, 10 freaking years after, and that’s the only time I feel it again.


Update update: Got sunburns after my Iba, Zambales trip. I love the beach and the waves!


I hope to post a longer and a more grammatically correct blog entry next time.


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