Welcome to my turf


Posted on: April 24, 2009

1. I’m forever clueless on how much the padyak really costs. Sometimes its 8, other days its 10, but today it was 15. But I know that it’s overpriced–I just pity the man who  swindled me for 5 pesos. I’m hoping he’ll put my 5 pesos into good use. But I’m also kinda hoping his wheels get stuck or that he fall off his bike. Or that he get a customer who’s so fat and heavy and paddle him/her along an uphill street.

2. Because I think I’ve let my brain disintegrate for the past 4 days, I walked  in 3-inched stilleto heels under the scorching heat of the sun. So by the end of my brother’s graduation, I had 6 freakinnnn blisters!! Ballet and pointes are so so much better!

3. I vow not to eat shawarma within the year (and to drink coffee as well). I had chicken gyro for lunch and it was so huge, I couldn’t finish it.  The pita bread was oozing with mayonnaise-thingie — I couldn’t stand it. And about the coffee, I had to spend one whole day (not really, about 7 hours) at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to study for Oblicon. I forgot about ordering decaffeinated coffee and I drank more than what I should. So no more coffee.

4. Congratulations to all graduates!! Clap clap clap.

5. My dog, a minpin, is so energetic (hyperactive actually) that he gets crazy over roaches. He barks at the middle of the night, thinking probably that it was still daytime, wanted to be let out of his cage in order to catch and kill roaches. And a while ago, he saw a cat, 1.5 times his size, seated under the car. He barked madly, like there was no tomorrow, and even had a head on collision with the big cat. Nothing’s wrong with that, but he really thinks that he’s a heavyweight ready to fight with anybody who’s obviously bigger than him.

6. There are A LOT OF MOVIES to watch next week!!! Looking for movie buddies… any applicants?? LOL.

That’s it pansit. I hope the weather becomes sunny and summer-y. Ciao!


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