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Posted on: March 31, 2009

I should be studying. But I’m blogging. And I’m very much tempted to sign up and have a Facebook account. Which I’ll probably do over the holy week. I’ve long given up my Friendster page, since I found it less useful after having Multiply. But since everybody else is raving about the features of Facebook, I might as well join the bandwagon. For whatever its worth. After all, we could simply delete stuff (not really; I suppose they remain dormant in the World Wide Web, and not deleted).

Yet the funny thing is, these social network sites won’t really increase our “reach” because we become friends with the same people we know (at least this is true for me). Well unless, we’re into the more adventurous side of things, and actually start adding up people we don’t know, these sites could work.

Which reminds me of IT Crowd’s episode regarding Friendface.

Boohoo. The post ends here, so I must leave the computer and face reality.. my exam tomorrow =(

It’s really time to think of other things.
Other than you.
And these silly rhymes.


1 Response to "Maybe"

Hahaha. I signed up for facebook recently. Just to see what people are going gaga about. I didn’t notice anything interesting, and so I logged out, and never visited the site again. Hahaha. (Although my email updates say that some of my friends are adding me. Hahaha.) Nacurious lang ba. 🙂

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