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Posted on: February 20, 2009

I need to go to an eye doctor soon. And it’s because of the bad lighting in the library and because of the volume of readings I have to finish by the end of the night. I don’t hope to wear eyeglasses, because for sure, they don’t suit me. I’ve tried wearing once, and I look old and too serious. Maybe contact lenses will do the trick, but I really hope I still have a 20-20 vision.

Oh and yesterday, I watched Valkyrie. It’s a brilliant movie. Everything about it was thrilling. There was no dragging moment. Because one thing always lead to another, so the story has to keep on going. Made me wonder about all those WW2 games I’ve played. Thinking about all the people who died there. But I like WW2 history on a purely academic basis. Not that I like what happened. But it was sort of a genius mind in the works.


Anyway, I miss doing a lot of things. I miss dancing hardcore. I miss being physically tired by the end of the day and still has a paper to write by midnight to be submitted the following morning. I miss performing in big stages, putting on heavy dark scary makeup, wearing sometimes smelly and small costumes. I miss being out there!!!

I miss having overnights with my college friends. I miss our Tagaytay trip–jumping, rolling on the green grass of Erica’s estate. I miss hanging out with groupmates, having all-nighters doing nonsense papers and powerpoint presentations. I miss you ME-mates.


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