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Amusement parks

Posted on: January 28, 2009

I had lunch at Long Island and ordered the staples–chicken, pasta, pizza. It took a long while before our food was done, because there are only two burners, one cooking pan, and one cook. And I noticed it was a family affair. Fun, was it? I mean, in that small small place, there were about 6 people crowding, sweating while preparing our food. But I guess that’s where all the flavor comes from.

Anyway, there was a poster beside the store that advertised UP Fair’s upcoming programs. I remembered Rico Blanco was the main thing, and there were 10+ other bands. Some were popular, but not really, and some were, shall we say, upcoming bands. But I didn’t know that rock band names were actually trying-hard blog titles. Haha. I mean, like FOB’s song titles. Haha. Some funny material. I suppose they thought it was so cool.

Oh, there’s really nothing to talk about. Except that I just had to blog. I feel weird this week. I’m usually weird, but there was something about this week that is just over-and-above. Maybe this is one of those stress-related stuff. Not emo stuff. Just plain stress. Scrap that. Stress is never plain. It’s always complicated.

However, quite the contrary, instead of feeling weird–maybe it’s just me thinking I’m feeling weird and not that I’m actually sensing weirdness in my body, I’m actually feeling empty. Or maybe thinking that I’m empty. Not the spiritual stuff. But just empty.

I don’t know why. I still have to figure it out.


2 Responses to "Amusement parks"

Super bagal talaga sa Long Island! Everytime I eat there, I think “Sana gawing OR project ito ng mga IE.” Lagyan mo nga ng OR yung cooking process nila. Hahahaha. Nakita ko rin yung poster na yun! Sabi ko nga, hindi siguro bebenta yung concert. Hello, if your selling point is Rico Blanco, there has to be something wrong. Pero baka dumugin ng mga JJ dahil merong Slapshock.

Haha oo nga, naisip ko na yun habang pumipila ako sa Long Island. Kulang pati sa quality control.

Oo nga, JJ. Naglabas nga ng memorandum sa College namin kasi marami raw masyadong tao na hindi taga-amin. Baka inaanticipate ang fair since katapat lang namin ang Sunken.

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