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Happy 2009!

Posted on: December 31, 2008

I couldn’t get myself to write oblicon digests.

So instead, I tried to make a happy new year jpeg picture. But I can’t seem to do one. And I ended up with something like this:


I spent quite a number of minutes in figuring out what and how to do it. Talk about burning time the wrong way. But who cares anyway? This is my vacation, and I’m going to spend the way other people do it. And be very miserable come school time.

I guess you get the point. I tried my best. =P

I’ll be uber merry and happy 5++ hours later and I won’t have enough time to greet you a blessed new year. With or without resolutions, I hope the year ahead would be even greater, more exciting and more wonderful. Cheers!

Happy New Year! Happy 2009!


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