Welcome to my turf


Posted on: December 30, 2008

I think it’s not an urban legend anymore. It’s true.

This has got to be one silent week. I remember last year, there were already a lot of five-stars and baby rockets being heard in the ‘hood (yo). But now, it’s like silent night all throughout.

Meeeen, what has happened to L.A.gro??

But I think it’s because our friendly neighbors who have all the noisemakers and firecrackers scheduled a trip out of town. And my father is not exactly the type who would buy (and burn money) over those stuff. How I miss them and the noise they make during new year week. I wish they’d come back tomorrow so I would my new year would be really LOUD and start with a BANG.

[EDIT: They’re back! They went to HK to spend some holiday cheers together.]

Lame Fireworks Shot taken by me


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