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Pre-Christmas Week

Posted on: December 21, 2008

I haven’t updated the wishlist even though I had all the time to fantasize. Maybe because I’m just wishing too much and hoping that I could buy those stuff that I listed.

But I’d like to thank my wonderful benefactor, Gay, for giving me Britney Spears’ Circus Album. I haven’t ripped it yet, but I hope to add it to my playlist soon.

My family and I spent the entire afternoon in the mall–more appropriately, the activity was called ‘mall-hopping’. We ate lunch at Power Plant and checked out the new Eastwood Mall. There’s nothing really new about it, except that it smells good and is very spacious–but give it 3 months time, it’ll be swarmed by usiserong Pilipinos. The setup is pretty much like Power Plant’s except that the ‘hallways’ are wider and the ceilings are higher. The escalators are also steeper.

But if you want to do your Christmas shopping for Pinoy brands(Bayo, Bench, Kashieca, etc) WITHOUT the rowdy crowd, better head to the Eastwood Mall since there’s very little population in there.

After exploring the malls, I came to a very sad realization–the world forces you to become materialistic. There are a lot of good stuff around, and the only way to have them is to shell out cash. Which SADLY I don’t have. And even if I do, I still won’t be able to hoarde everything. Boohoo. Christmas is fun but it makes me poorer.

I was on the verge of splurging for wishlist number 3 (I think, the Gola pair of shoes) but I couldn’t spend money because if I did, I would be X Pesos poorer. Which would make my Christmas wallet sad. You see, there aren’t enough inputs to cover for the outputs.

My golly.

I could go on forever, but I have to cut this short. Maybe, I’ll post again sometime.


1 Response to "Pre-Christmas Week"

the world forces you to become materialistic – marx calls that “THE FETISHISM OF COMMODITIES”. obsessed tayo sa mga commodities. lalo na pag christmas. huhuhu.

btw, advance happy christmas girl! 😀

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