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Some thoughts…

Posted on: December 10, 2008

As I was prying into other people’s (love)lives, my friend asked me “how about you?” And I thought about it really, really hard.

(From friendster)I’m not that picky, but it seems that drought is going to kill me. Or it will be apparent until I die. Hopefully it ends when I reach the age of 25. I want to have a family for heaven’s sake! But something about me is really unattractive, or so I think.

Does it have something to do with keeping your eyes open for someone to come along your way? Or by not waiting and wanting because it just falls on your lap without your knowledge? This is all B.S. This is too fantastic, too romantic.

Reality’s laughing at me now, really.


I can’t seem to get out my frustrations.


2 Responses to "Some thoughts…"

Napanood mo yung a Beautiful Mind? Merong isang beautiful blonde, most likely, kung siya ang tatanungin ng mga lalaki para sumayaw, malamang ma-turn down lang sila, so yung mga kaibigan niya ang tatanungin. Pero di papayag ang mga kaibigan ni blonde kasi nasaktan sila na second choice lang sila. So, ang gagawin ng mga lalaki, didiretso sila sa mga kaibigan ni blonde. At maiiwan magisa si blonde.

Baka ikaw si beautiful blonde.
Yikee. Tatawa na yan. =D

Haha, thanks ah.

Ay nako, malamig na naman ang pasko. :p

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