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Posted on: November 16, 2008

When does life begin?

This is one of the more controversial topics the human race has not yet resolved. Simply because there are different aspects into describing what life really means. There are several points of view to be considered namely the legal, moral-ethical, and scientific approaches in defining life. And to be able to adhere to a certain terminology of life would have several repercussions; being a follower of a certain school of thought would obviously affect how one lives or how one would choose to govern his everyday actions.

With a pending RH bill in the Philippines, the definition of life becomes far more conflicted. There are followers who believe that contraception is not necessarily killing a life, but merely to prevent it, which in their sphere of descriptions are two completely different terms. Others who are more conservative, believe that contraception in itself is already a method of killing, since it will not allow the creation of a new life–hence impliedly death as well.

Moreover, with an unresolved RH bill problem, notions regarding abortion could not be very well discussed. The dialogue, according to some, is still at its earlier stages, primarily because of the great influence brought about by the moral-ethical-religious sphere. So to speak, there is still a lack of secular space to accommodate discussions and active participation by the laypeople.


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