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Bang! Bang! Ra-ta-ta-tat! [Chokiss, like OMG]

Posted on: November 10, 2008

We started the sem not just with a BANG, but with a BANG BANG BANG!

My blockmates and I went out for lunch at Chocolate Kiss in UP Bahay ng Alumni. When we left, we passed through the back door and went to the parking lot. Some of my blockmates were already inside Mark’s car while others including me and Joyce were on our way to the front area to ride a jeepney back to Malcolm.

Unfortunately, we heard several gunshots being fired. They grew louder and louder and seemed to get closer to where we were standing. Then I saw a man, running from where the shots were coming from, saying “May barilan sa bangko!”. It didn’t sink in immediately. I thought it was in PNB or Landbank or elsewhere but not in Bahay ng Alumni. But he was running like mad, and I finally realized, that it’s an Oh-my-goodness moment and I have to run to save my ass.

(Apparently, there were 6 men armed with heavily-powered guns and with protective vests, who robbed an armored van while the money was being transferred from Philippine Veterans Bank to the van. I don’t know how the robbery took place, I just heard the shots being fired simultaneously.)

I didn’t know where to go because Joyce and I were far from where my blockmates were standing. If I crossed the road, I might get shot, since the bullets were fired simultaneously and stray bullets could ricochet anytime. And the men behind us started shouting “Akyat tayo sa second floor!”. So I ran as fast as I could, looked for the stairs which seemed like forever, and hid in the Girl’s CR. I went inside the cubicle, called Joyce to come in, and we were there panting. Our hearts were beating nonstop. At the back of my head, I was thinking, “how are we going to get out now?”. Good thing, Martin and his friend were still there in the building. And we were able to go down through the back stairs.

The firing had already ceased and a police car was already parked outside. So it was safe to go far far away from that place. We met up with our blockmates at the road at the back, and checked if everyone were okay. When we went back to Malcolm, we managed to crack jokes about the event. (“Ganito pala sa panahon ng hapon”, “Ganun na ganun pala ang tunog ng baril parang sa Medal of Honor”).

But I was scared. I think if it had been longer, and we weren’t in the CR, i might have peed my pants??? But not really.

We were all VERY VERY THANKFUL that we didn’t pass in front and instead chose to go through the back door.

The aftermath was tragic. Three people died and the robbers are still at-large. If we could, let us offer prayers for the souls who bravely fought the lawbreakers. Not just like the movies, but worse.

I didn’t have the guts to go home alone. So I went to my dad’s office. I turned pale and cold. And my hyperacidity kicked in.

(For the real score: “Three Killed in Armored Van in UP”)


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