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Melamine Post

Posted on: October 27, 2008

Croley Foods’ Sunflower Crackers (Blueberry flavor) are positive for melamine. How lame could that get? Even Filipino manufacturers have the gull to import or use raw materials with melamine. According to the news, the crackers are the first locally manufactured product to be tested positive for melamine. That goes to show how poor the quality control in manufacturing plants are– and it’s not just a blow to Croley Foods but to the entire food industry as well. We also export snacks and other food items, and DOH and BFAD would have to do everything to make sure that these products don’t get to the market.

I’m appalled and disturbed because I’m a fan of Sunflower crackers.

Sunflower Crackers (Strawberry), My Favorite

Sunflower Crackers (Strawberry): My Favorite Flavor

How could they?

Apparently, low dosage of melamine won’t really hurt according to Wiki, but it’s plain gross and harmful to be eating a trimer-of-a-cyanamide in your food.


2 Responses to "Melamine Post"

see this is one of the million reasons why i agree with marx. look what industrial revolution and capitalist imperialism did to us! to sunflower crackers!

okay. i am sounding like a communist. hahahaha. pero totoo diba?

I’m not a big fan of Marx’s philosophy/economic theory. But da hell, sobrang manggagaya naman ng Pinoy, pati Melamine!!!

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