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Combo days

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Never ever eat 1/2 Beef Combo Burrito from Taco Bell. It doesn’t taste good and it doesn’t smell “appetiting”. The curry is simply overpowering the entire package, and I’m not entirely sure if it was only beef or beef and beans. The wrapping is also horrible, as the yucky orange cheapass oil oozes out of the burrito. I’m not sure if it was only me, but it really tastes and looks disgusting. But try their other goodies– like the cheese quesadilla and of course, their tacos. The tacos are heaven, only too small since it’s commercial and fast-food size.


Finally, I was able to dance, from 330-730 straight! Only water breaks to rehydrate. I’m so proud of myself, but tomorrow’s gonna be the final verdict. I’m pretty sure my muscles will explode and hurt like hell but it’s all worth it. Labor was fantastic. The exhilaration, the spins, and oh my goodness even the leg extensions and sit ups are wonderful to reminisce–live!! It feels good to dance again, being happy tired, less stressed, more happy hormones in the end.


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