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It’s done, hello sembreak!

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Finally, some much needed break. I couldn’t believe it’s over.

But a while ago, I woke up very early, thinking that we still had classes for today. My body hasn’t adjusted yet to this thing called sembreak, but in no time it will. After those constipated/LBM days due to nervousness and anxiety attacks, finally, the body could rest. Hay, sarap.


My room’s a mess. I have to clean it. And the readings are everywhere:

I badly need a binder to organize my stuff.


After the test, a C-faction went to the mall and ate. We ate at Heaven and Eggs and I ordered Angus Tapa (Hello Tania! :)). The waiter who invited us, promised to give us free drinks– and yes we had Iced Tea for free!! The food was delicious, I think everyone was satisfied. And the pancakes were yummy too.

It’s really the best way to celebrate: good food with good friends.

Afterwards, three of my friends and I watched Kulam. They took some pains in convincing me to watch it, because i hate horror and it’s Judy Ann. But we had nothing to do for 5 hours, so although it was half-hearted, I succumbed to their wishes. And oh boy, the movie was disastrous. It was pretty stressful to watch, because the plot and the lines were all just a mess. The formula was too basic–I seriously feel that the Shake, Rattle and Roll series were even scarier than this one. It was such a waste of money, and it was given a grade of A!! Maybe because of its original concept, but other than that, there was nothing much to look forward to.

Instead of Kulam, it should have been named “May Daga sa Aparador”. They repeatedly used this tactic to scare the shit out of people. But come on, it’s super pa-say and useless. The horror had become a comic relief. And why do they always have to have a Sadako-look-alike as the mumu? But this one was super shushal since she emerged not from the well but from a bathtub.

Overall, it’s something NOT to watch.


After that tiresome day at the mall, we headed to Punchline. My friend had free entrance tickets and we were all invited. We waited for almost 2 hours, since we were a tad too early for the show. And it is what we thought it was. We came prepared for bashing–I hid at the back and sat far from the center. One of our blockmates was even invited to sing on the stage, and he was molested by the hosts. Poor him, but it was all for the spirit of fun. They really bash people, especially if you’re old, a good-looking single man or if it’s obvious that you weren’t blessed of good looks. Some hosts were really entertaining, even though they were green, but others were just overboard.

I went home very tired. But high from happiness.

Sembreak 😀


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