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Maybe we’re not apples after all

Posted on: October 12, 2008

After the very much tragic tale of the tree of apples, here comes another tale of the guavas.

“Once upon a time, a great old man planted seeds of guavas. With a stroke of his green thumb, the seeds became trees. He watered them everyday, cared for them. And for every single tree, they were all bearing fruits. And the great old man was very happy to see the guavas grow and become green. Some were big, others were small; some were sweet, others bittersweet and still others with a hint of sourness.

But the old man passed away. The leaves withered, the fruits fell on the ground. Nonetheless, the trees are still alive and bear fruit. One by one, men of all ages discovered the tree. They picked the fruits; some picked the sweet ones and kept them; the ones who picked the bittersweet had mixed reactions–some of them threw it, others kept it; and for those who picked the sour ones cried and were appalled by the taste and immediately discarded them. Some took the effort of picking fruits from the top, others were just being practical.

But there was one particular man, who was very idle. Juan Tamad passed by the tree and saw that it bore fruit. He saw one, which was shiny green- not too big, not too small- it was untouched, but was too high for him to reach. So he got a bench, lied on it, and waited for the guava to fall down.

Days passed, and he was just waiting. And the guava, as if it had its own life, had wanted to fall. For everytime the wind blew, it swayed left and right hoping for the twig to break. The guava had waited for a storm…

Alas, when a storm was looming, Juan Tamad had packed his things. He had to find shelter. And when the storm had hit the tree, the guava was scarred, nonetheless, it kept on hanging.

Men still picked the fruit that the tree bore, but not this one guava. It was still shiny green, a little scarred, but still sitting atop of the tree. Many attempted, but they were lured by the other fruits within their reach. “

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2 Responses to "Maybe we’re not apples after all"

Wow. Saan mo naman ito nakuha? Nakakatuwa naman. Na-fofortify tuloy ang apple-theory natin, this time, mas Pinoy. Guava. Exotic!

Anobuzz, ako sumulat niyan. Hehe, ayos ba?

Yung apple theory, nakuha ko lang un sa text messaging. Haha, aka forwards. Eto namang guava, napag-usapan lang namin ng akin nanay. =P

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