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50 things about girls

Posted on: September 29, 2008

I just found this post funny. Grabbed it from a friend in multiply and reposted it here. Some dont really apply to me. I’m deviant. Lolz.

1. Girls hate it when guys say perverted things.  – yeah, really.
2. Girls like to be told that they’re beautiful, rather than hot, pretty, cute, or sexy. It just gives more meaning. – this one is true.
3. Girls love to feel special, even though they might not show it.
4. Girls talk about everything with their girlfriends. So that means, you’re possibly 90% of their conversation. – not  really.  we have other things to talk about.
5. When girls are online, they want the guy to instant message them first, and they literally burn up inside when they’re not messaged. Of course, when they are messaged, they play it all cool and go “oh, hey” as if they just discovered your message. – TRUE.
6. Girls have a thing for guys who dress GQ.
7. Girls love it when guys are over 6 feet. – basta taller than me.
8. Girls find it awfully attractive when guys wear just a white t-shirt and jeans and yet they happen to look awesome in it. – ayaw ko. they look dugyutin.
9. Remember. Sense of humor. GIRLS LOVE GUYS WHO CAN MAKE THEM LAUGH. – yes.
10. Girls hate guys with bad hygiene. So put on that deodorant and clip those nails! -major TO if the guy smells.
11. Girls love guys who know how to dance. – not really. I love John Lloyd even if he doesnt know how to dance. HAHA.
12. Girls love it when a guy pulls them close by the waist. – ah oo baka.
13. Girls go crazy when a guy smells good. -not crazy.  happy siguro?
14. Girls hate cocky guys. – hindi naman uso dito ung jocks and arrogant boys eh.
15. Usually, when a girl is sarcastically mean to you, it means they’re attracted to you, but are afraidthat they’ll be showing too much. -maybe maybe.
16. A kiss on the hand with the right timing can be a REAL TURN-ON. -uh. hindi na uso to??
17. Girls have a thing for guys who wear sport blazers with a destroyed tee underneath. – no, a destroyed tee underneath is still dugyutin.
18. Girls have a thing for guys who have messy sexy hair. -no. i want clean boys.
19. Some girls can think about their crushes for 18+ hours straight. No exaggeration. – no, not really.  i spend 18+ hours studying and 4-6hrs sleeping. LOL.
20. When a guy says something really sentimental, girls will remember it forever. – uh. i always forget.
21. The smallest gestures, the smallest stares, and the smallest statements could make a girl’s year. -maybe not a year. just a week at the most?
22. Girls get embarrassed easily, even if guys don’t know what the hell just happened. – yes.
23. Girls daydream about their crushes. Like getting married, going on dates, kissing, etc. They just don’t show it. – HAHAHA. =))
24. Girls HATE players. – i think everybody does.
25. Guys who can sing are a major turn on. – yes,  hahaha.
26. Guitarists are sexy. – no not really. i like singers over guitarists.
27. When a girl is upset and wants you to listen, she wants you to listen. Don’t give her advice unless she asks for it. – ???
28. When a girl is crying, she feels a lot safer if you pull her close and tell her that everything is going to be alright. – no not really. i want to be left alone.
29. Girls love it when guys say their name. – ????
30. Girls don’t like short tempered guys. – i think everybody does.
31. Sometimes girls just wish that guys would notice when they get a new haircut or if they’re wearing eyeliner. – no, not really.
32. When a girl calls you her loser or her dork, it usually means she’s attracted to you. – ohh. now i know what to call them. hahahaha =))
33. Girls find it a lot more romantic if you just fall asleep with them holding them with your arms rather than having a night of hot kinky THREE LETTER WORD. – YUCK.
34. Girls will never say I love you unless you say it first. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to scream it from the top of her lungs. – HAHAHAHA =))
35. Girls love confidence. – oh not really. ok na kahit low self esteem basta gwapo. hahaha.
36. Girls don’t like rock-hard guys. They like to know that guys can have a sensitive side too.
37. There comes a time when girls have needs too. Enough said.
38. A girl will cry over you a lot more than you think.
39. A girl’s wounds can last awhile. And when I say awhile, I mean awhile.
40. Girls hate guys who smell bad. – TRUE
41. When a girl cooks for you, you know you mean a lot to her. – i dont know how to cook.
42. Girls don’t like it when you think other women are hot and say it so.
43. Eyeliner is a girl’s essential product. Don’t ever try to take it away from her. – me, my SCRA and cases and statutes and codals.
44. Girls hate it, absolutely HATE IT when guys don’t keep their promises. It throws them over the top. -yes yes!!
45. Every girl fantasizes about her wedding. Her dress, her flowers, her shoes, her hair. More than you think. – uhh. not really.
46. Girls hate it when other girls flirt. Yet they flirt themselves too. Ah, the beauty of irony.
47. Girls will save instant message conversations when they like a guy. – hihi.
48. A phone call, a text message, or a single Hershey’s kiss will mean A LOT MORE than a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates on her birthday. -no i want all the drama. i want a bouquet and a box of chocolates!!!!!!!!!
49. Every girl thinks she’s pretty in one way or another. They just won’t admit it. – lolz. this is so funny.
50. Girls are VERY SELF-CONSCIOUS when it comes to their looks. – yeah. maybe.


2 Responses to "50 things about girls"

pakopya dear! ang saya nito! hahahaha.

oo nga haha 🙂

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