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Posted on: September 11, 2008

I’ve decided to do as many updates as I could and hope someday be popular in the blogging world. But I don’t know how to sustain this continuous updating, it seems stressful at the very least. We need to come out with stuff every now and then and make sure everything is in good grammar or what not. But nonetheless, there’s always this idea of being great and conquering the world. Yada.

Anyhoo, nothing in that last paragraph made any sense. It was just an on-going combustion of my brain neurons dictating my phallanges to press the exact keys in the keyboard. But in any case, it’s a good mental exercise. Actually, I’m getting pretty much faster in typing these past few months. It’s either my brain works faster or my hands have created their own mass of brain cells. Which apparently maybe true, because of the tiny stuff (veins to be more exact) emerging and becoming more prominent.

Perhaps, this would be my downfall. Nobody would want to hold hands with me because of my calloused tips and vein-y hands. Poor me. On the lighter note, at least I’m not suffering from sweaty palms or other loathsome infectious disease. Speaking of disease, I would just like to mention that it was actually one of the grounds for divorce during the Japanese period. Loathsome infectious disease. They might have been referring to STD, leprosy or common colds. Heck, colds are loathsome, but I don’t think it was really included.

I’m just typing btw. Anything that comes to my head and just putting periods and other punctuation marks to define where the next thought starts and where the last one ends. There’s really no taking note of the grammar or coherence–hence this is a blog, not a paper or thesis.

What I just wanted to say is that. Well. Nothing really. I’m just feeling a little weird today. And for the past 5 days or so. I’m balisa, and yes I’m saying this in the most coniotic way possible. It’s the feeling of restlessness that I can’t seem to shake off. Partly because of this stupid effin freakazoid text messaging and partly because of my rather poor, mediocre performance in the UP College of Law.

I’m hating myself and pondering why o why I’m not getting the grades I want. I do know how to speak English but there’s a difference between saying it out loud and thinking it inside my head. Words are our only weapon, the professor would comment. And it seems, that I have not mastered it yet. And so I thought that four years of panel presentations in Ateneo were enough. Apparently not. Think of everyday oral recits with philo profs or theo profs. Plus the additional galit factor of the professor.

Agh. I must shape up before the sem ends. Must. Be. GREAT. In. the. Finals. I know I can do it–I’ve done it before, now I promise the whole world, I’m gonna do it again.


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