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Hello law school. Goodbye life.

Posted on: June 17, 2008

Tae and all the cuss words one could possibly think about.

Mahirap raw sa law school? It’s such an understatement. Sobra, ibang level. Incomparable talaga. Kahit anong Math 151 or Super Project ang itapat, wala sa kalingkinan nun eto. I’ve never lost hope, been terrorized, subjected to extreme pressure and tension like this before. Parang at any moment, I could snap. Actually, nagsnasnap ako every now and then. Tuwing gabi. But I feel it’s a way of removing all the anxiety and anger.

Sino ba kasing nagsabing mag-abogado ako? Eh di ba ako rin? Sadly and unfortunately, there’s really no one to blame but myself. Everyday, ganito lagi. I have to justify why I’m there and not elsewhere. The constant battle between staying or leaving is causing me so much pain.

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Ay, understatement pala rin yan.

Minsan natutulala na lang ako kung bakit nandito ako, kung bakit ito ginagawa ko.


Please pray for me friends. This is by far the most trying time of my life. I really, really need divine intervention. Talo ko pa ata ang mga nagbabar eh.


4 Responses to "Hello law school. Goodbye life."

Go! Go! Go! Kailangan namin ng magnonotaryo in the near future. 😀 Kung kelangan mo ng lunch buddies nasa kabilang building lang kami.

aawww geni we’re right here for you 😦 but maybe things will get better as you adjust and get used to it? if it helps, ang status ni marru sa YM ngayon ay “tell me again why i went to lawschool :o” so you’re not alone. hehe.

I’m no lawyer to say this but, it’ll get better. For sure. One way or another it’ll get better. 🙂

Salamat, salamat.

I’m feeling a little more relaxed now than during the first few days. But I still don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with it. I’m still trying to convince myself that I can make it.

Thanks for the support. Really appreciated.

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