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Getting scared

Posted on: May 23, 2008

Why law school?

Perhaps I was too scared of entering the real world and being out there. I’m too scared to go beyond the walls of school. Although some would say it’s freedom, I’d say it’s chaos out there. But sooner or later, I’d have to figure a path for myself. I’d figure maybe I’d go in law school for all the wrong reasons, but I surely intend to finish with all the right answers.

I’m afraid of being scrutinized for thinking differently, and I’m afraid of being caught off-guard. There’s too much at stake, emotionally, mentally, physically (and financially!)… and I’m expecting that the next four years would be a bizarre roller coaster ride. I know it’s not going to be smooth sailing; but all the twists and turns would be enough to be make the entire trip exhilarating.

I don’t know what to expect of UP. I’ve heard and read enough horror stories to make me feel incapable and incompetent. But I couldn’t care less. UP is my choice and it has also chosen me. I’d be a great lawyer someday, and all thanks to making proud (albeit stupid enough) decisions in life.

So maybe I’m getting scared because I’ll be entering the newest chapter in my life. Here is where reality would bite me hard enough to see that maybe working is by far a better option. But I have to fight hard and keep focused. Laban kung laban.

Scrap first loves, this is far more exciting and scary.


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