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Posted on: May 2, 2008

For the past weeks, I’ve been burning myself out for some sort of work for ABS-CBN. At first, it was pretty exciting, knowing that we’re getting paid to see stars (talk about being a groupie) and bash the system. But after feeling the gravity of the term “consultancy”, I had wished that I would have instead enjoyed my summer break. In fact, I was thinking about cutting this short but my mom told me to keep the job until we get to finish our 2.75 man months. According to her, we wouldn’t need to be physically present for the last 0.75 months.

But my schedule’s still a mess! After working for ABS-CBN (without proper daily compensation), I’d have to go straight to law school. I don’t know what to do, I’m too busy! I want to take a break, go some place else–just to say I had a summer break. I want to go to Ilocos, Boracay, or even back to Bohol (but not really). But with the little time I’ve got, I don’t know where to fit those trips yet. I’m relying on my friends to call out something nice, (even a gimik would do), but apparently, they’re also busy doing other things. We’re all busy yet we’re not that old!

I’m always looking forward for another out-of-town trip. Take me somewhere, please?

I really hope the ilocos trip would push through.


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