Welcome to my turf

After the break…

Posted on: March 22, 2008

…I have come to terms with myself that

I badly need a really really

weird, wild and perhaps

the most out-of-this-world trip.

Well not exactly. I just want to go somewhere else other than Region 3, Region 4 and NCR. I had always wanted to go to the beach and have a really bad sunburn but apparently, I have no time (or my family does not have time) or the world has no more time for me to do these kind of things.

So I would highly suggest to myself, to go to the beach, splurge and enjoy life as it is.

But sometimes, I feel bad thinking that about 2/3 of the world is below the poverty line. And that China is hurting Tibet. And that US has been in Iraq for five years straight. And that the Arctic ice caps are slowly beginning to melt.

Do I really deserve some time off for myself?

But on the lighter note…perhaps, YEAH. We still do. Or we’d be consumed by insanity and hell and evil and everything that’s not good.

In fact, I took the time off during the last couple of days. And by far, those two days were the most pensive two days of my entire life. Maybe not really. But I felt, life has been glued together, or at the very least, it seemed to be heading to one direction. Is this some sort of premonition that I’m finally taking charge?

Maybe they are just some jitters about the upcoming graduation and me coming to terms with THE REAL WORLD. Life would obviously be much harder, a little more tense but perhaps more exciting and wonderful. I couldn’t really wait to hold that diploma, and throw my cap up, up and away, and sing the Song for Mary. I never felt so giddy in my life, but I can’t seem to show it.

But hopefully a much awaited trip will.


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