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A call for impartiality

Posted on: February 21, 2008

It’s creepy when you get to see Lozada’s face everywhere. It’s like his dead, worthy of obituary pages, but no he’s not. He’s very much alive, and kicking ass in the senate hearings. But I feel that the whole thing is overrated.  Come to think of it, Former Senator Jovito Salonga even said that there is enough evidence to file an impeachment case against the President. But the senate keeps on probing, to the point that the whole hearing becomes a joke-fest, with senators upstaging each other, trying to show what they’re made of. (Better do your work, it’s people’s money your wasting!)

How would they be able to make an impartial decision if the Chairman is prejudiced? The probability of an unbiased conclusion is low and they couldn’t care less of the other side.  Senators, please inhibit yourselves from going to the hearing if you can’t have a clear mind! A lot of you are  unworthy to be part of the “truth-seeking” team.


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