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Mambo jambo at the Senate

Posted on: February 11, 2008

Technicalities, technicalities. Senators asking LEADING questions. Poor witnesses, grilled to the bones. But this epic is some good thing to listen to. If you’re actually looking for some intellectual discourse (well, not exactly, some people are plain blabbing) plus comedic punchlines, listen to the Senate’s hearing of ZTE. Can we make a bet that Jun Lozada would be running in the upcoming 2010 elections?

Jun’s tagline would be: “Fighting the permissible greed”

The heck. The moral fiber of society is screwed. Since when did we consider greed permissible?

This country seriously needs some divine intervention.

But I warn the adversaries, and the rest of the people who would want to take advantage of the situation. The people are especially vulnerable at this moment. Let’s continue to be vigilant instead but let’s not engage in another tyranny by the majority (no more EDSAs).


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