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Things to do before March 1

Posted on: February 4, 2008

1. Theo 141 Group presentation

2. ITM 110 Loans Homework

3. Eurofilm Cinema Paradiso + Legend of 1900

4. Child Audiences Paper

5. Philo LT #2

6. 2 Theo 141 Quizzes (1 more bonus quiz)

7. Eco 121 paper

8. Eco 121 LT #2

9. ITM IT audit effing audit

10. ITM LT #3 effing long test

11. Random ITM Homeworks

12. Theo Orals

13. Philo Book Report

14. Philo Orals

15. Random Com 106.1 Quizzes 1 Last Quiz

16. 1 or 2 Eurofilm paper 1 Final Paper

17. Comm Child Audiences Presentation*

18. Comm Critical Analysis Paper*

19. Bingo POP

20. Theo paper

21. ITM HW: Loans Report


*Thanks tan for reminding me.

** Forgot to add 😦


3 Responses to "Things to do before March 1"

“konti” na lang. kaya natin to!

aja aja fighteeeng!!! hehe.

hi! how was ITM 110?

Hello there secret.

I found ITM 110 interesting. But I wished it was more hands-on that being bookish. You get to understand the current trends in automating businesses, how integrated networks would work among the different units (marketing, finance, operations etc.). We also had a basic crash course in creating databases through Microsoft Access.

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