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My 20th Birthday Wish List

Posted on: January 10, 2008

In increasing order:

1. Gift Certificates from Cupcakes by Sonja and/or Cuptails and Dreams

2. A pair of jazz shoes and a new pair of pointe shoes from Freed:
SO481L Enduro  Bootie - Tech - Ladies
Studio Professional

3. Ipod Nano – I suddenly felt the urge of having one even though I’m not a 100% interested in listening to music with earphones hurting my ear lobes. The black one is sleek and the red is simply lustful 🙂

4. An Xbox 360. I think Xbox 360 has a lot of better games than Nintendo Wii. But I would also be very glad to receive a Wii for my birthday.


1 Response to "My 20th Birthday Wish List"

i didnt forget your birthday! i was just not successful in sending you a greeting…sorry. Globe, tsk.tsk.

so here it is:



ps. pati si Bren, di makapagsend ng message last friday, naunahan niya ba ako sa paggreet sayo? malamang no? ang late na nito eh. Tsk, noreen.

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