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New Year, 2008

Posted on: January 3, 2008

It’s been quite a while since I’ve spilled my thoughts. The past week was a blast, with my cousins and other relatives coming over to spend Christmas and pre-New Year celebrations at our home. The week was exhausting, with mornings filled with noisy chattering and children’s giggles and laughters. Nights on the other hand were as if lively clubs filled with music and shrieks of little children who couldn’t get a hold of the PS2. Gotta say, one of the best Christmases.

New Year was kind of sad, really. The four of us were left in our home but thanks to deafening sounds of the fireworks and the neighbor’s 5000 whatever Sawa, my New Year was still a blast. I took pictures from our garden, and was looking extremely silly while jumping up and down the small staircase. I was so afraid to go out; I might get hit by a stray bullet, a flying piece of the firework or what-not. Pays to be cautious.

Currently (well not so current), I’m addicted to two things. Free time allows me to 1) play the PS 2 and 2) use the internet non-stop to watch senseless stuff. PS2 gaming has never been this fun since PS’s dance revolution complete with the dance mat. Call of Duty 3 and God of War are my current faves. They’re all violent and involve a lot of blood. But, I’ve got to give my props to Activision and Sony Entertainment for producing great games such as these. Non-gaming addicts like me get hooked every once in a while.

Down to business.

I’m really getting freaked out by 2008. I feel this senseless worry and anxiety about life after graduation. I don’t know what to do. I want to earn money but I don’t want to be thrown into the real world yet. The comforts of our home, with my mom and dad providing, are surely to be missed. Life gets complicated for me… But at the same time, I’m anticipating wildly. I’m wishing badly that days would just fast-forward to March 29, 2008 and to the exact scene wherein I’ll get my diploma, shake hands, put the cord of my graduating cap to the other side, and take a bow. I already want to graduate and be free.

And when I work, I want to work big time. Be invaluable. Earn a lot of bucks. Earn my first million. I want to buy my mom and dad and brother something completely out of our budget. I want to take my family to US, Spain and the rest of Europe. I want to give them something they’d never had. They’ve given me a lot and I think it’s time to do things backwards.

So New Year, 2008, please be great.


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