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Christmas :)

Posted on: December 24, 2007

The word “holidays” is an extremely foreign word for Filipinos. It connotes snowy and cold temperatures, which are not apparent in Philippine climate. We have to suffer under tropical heat for the entire Christmas “season”. Even the word “season” is abused; we don’t have winter, spring or autumn. The hell to Philippine stores who promote their latest fashion design for the season (tiny weeny exception to exporters).

Enough with bashing. Christmas should be a period of happiness and solidarity.

I have great stories to tell. 2007 has been a great year for me. I’ve had a good deal of many firsts and sadly lasts as well. First solid week of zero sleep; first paycheck; first time to make the car move 3 meters; first pair of shoes that I bought on my own; first real ballet class to handle; first time to get a medal (cheering competition yeah!); first time to go alone to Makati; first time to ride the MRT alone; first time to be a dean’s lister (finally). But this year is also awfully a year of many lasts: last first semester; last second semester; last Christmas as an undergrad; last GAP 1 and 2; last year as a teenager; last… 😦

But, looking on the bright side…this might be one of my most memorable Christmases. Last week, I spent almost every night shopping. Although I really dread the idea of going to the malls, I actually liked it. It’s either I have been so deprived for the past few months or I have money to spend. My poor feet, they didn’t get enough rest.

Yesterday, my mom and I made Crema de Fruta. It’s basically a refrigerator cake, with broas, cream, fruits, and gelatin as its main ingredients. It’s nice to be around when the food is being prepared. You get to have a dozen taste tests! When something accidentally falls on the table, you have the right to immediately pick it up and eat it (I apply the five-second rule here). And just a while ago, we made Chicken Macaroni Salad. It’s got loads of mayonaisse and condensed milk. Mayonaisse is uber bad for the body, and condensed milk is awfully sinful.

And during Christmas fever, my mom always has a problem: she needs a bigger ref. She’s always complaining, telling me that she doesn’t know how to put all the food inside. And while we were fixing the things inside, we couldn’t figure out how to put my water bottle. So she said, “Anak, ubusin mo na lang ang gatas.” I told her to buy a ref as my graduation gift. That is, when I move out, I’ll be bringing the ref with me. And as my birthday gift, she wittingly and jokingly said, she’ll be buying me a washing machine.

Talk about getting prepared for adult chores! Ladida.

And as we celebrate our own festivities, let’s all pause for a few moments of silence… Let’s seek in our hearts what it means to be truly joyful, happy and forgiving. When we give much, we receive even more than what we could ever have in our entire lives.


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