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The repercussions of a three-day class

Posted on: December 11, 2007

I feel so bored these days. I don’t have the normal passion and drive I used to have. Everything seems to work in a slow-motion kind of timing and I have to sulk in misery for those long hours. But the reverse happens when it’s midnight; time begins to speed up and I feel that I don’t have enough time to work on my homeworks and readings. Yeah, it sucks a bit really that at this moment, you can’t control time. As opposed to having a 5-day class per week, I had a sense of control over time. Because I was extremely busy, I needed to manage time, ergo the power to tell time to stand still and wait for me. But now that I have A LOT of bumming time, I feel the excessive need to beg time that it speed up on the occasions that I need to and to slow down when it’s already night time. I feel exacerbated during the night because I feel that I have not used my time oh so wisely. On the contrary, my morning sucks–only in school do I get it to work. But in the presence of a comfy bed, an engaging TV…who could resist not being lazy?


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