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My Christmas Wish List

Posted on: December 11, 2007

Since Christmas is fast approaching (and December 15 is even closer: payday my friends!), I have decided to create my wish list. I’m a particularly craving for something techie but I know they’re toooo expensive. Actually, a lot of things in the list are gonna burn your pockets, so might as well just read through them and see what you could give me :p

1. Nintendo Wii

2. Sony Ericsson Z610i

3. 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube [Toys R’ Us]

4. Designer Perfume (Not picky) [Bought a set of four, gave the two to my mom]

5. Wallet that looks extremely nice [i finally got a magic wallet!]

6. Ipod Nano is cute

7. Staedtler Fine Tip pens [The set was out of stock in Trinoma, so I settled for its substitute, Stabilo 0.4 Fine Tip pens. They’re also ‘smooth’ to use–they glide on the paper]

8. Charles & Keith “Perforation Regime” shoes from Winter 07/08 collection

9. Cupcakes by Sonja

10. GCs at Circles in Makati Shang

11. New book (no religious please)

12. Swatch’s Petit Collage wristwatch

13. Girly tops and dresses. Fashionable shorts too!

14. New Camera

15. World Peace


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